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Veenma Niawier was founded in 1945 by Jan Veenma. The company started as a village smith. After twenty years the smithy became too small and a new building with a shop and house was built. In the newspaper of 11 March 1965 it was written: Courageous initiative, in a time when many small farmers are stopping there business in and around Niawier.

In 1971, when Gosse Veenma (son of the founder) stepped into the company, the company started to focus more on mechanization, both for arable farming and for livestock farming. Meanwhile, the third generation Veenma is active because Feitze Veenma has also stepped into the company.

Veenma Mechanisatie is now an enthusiastic and dynamic company with focus on livestock farming, arable farming, lawn and garden, construction, cleaning and increasingly on various other industries, which have a good affinity with the current mechanization.

With this, Veenma Mechanisatie hopes to be your service partner for now and in the future

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Special construction

We as Veenma Mechanisatie are also manufacturer of small machinery mainly for the agricultural industry.

With production in small series we deliver following machines as below:

We can also provide you with special custom made machines and / or construction work. Some examples are:

  • Bridge railings for the municipalities
  • Winding machines
  • Special Potato planting machines
  • Ramps for horse carts
  • And much more...
Veenma Monoclean box washer
Veenma 1500-2R box harvester

We have several well equipped service vehicles to provide you a quick and professional service on location. When it is impossible to come to our workshop with your tractor or machine or if there are some disruptions to installations at your company, we will be happy to come to your place with one of our mobile workshops...

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