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Welcome at Mechanisatiebedrijf Akkerman

The basis for the company now, is established by Jelle Akkerman during the period of war. He started with a "milk route" to Hollandia in Scharsterbrug. First with a horse, later with milk cars. The maintenance of the cars were done by himself in a private garage, but after a while, several farmers surrounding his location, came to repair their tires and came for welding activities. Not much later the demand for farm tractors started. In the meantime milk transports were much less, so the new agricultural industry was born. Horses were traded in for tractors, everything was possible at that time...

In 1958, the Massey Ferguson dealership was obtained. Today we still represent this brand. To offer a complete package of agricultural machinery at that time, they also started with sale and maintenance of Schuitemaker and Niemeyer ( now Fella ) machines.

Over the years, the company grew completely out of its coat. Four years ago, part of the buildings were demolished to make more room for a large uninterrupted workshop, a differently classified warehouse and renovated offices. We have also switched to a different automation program that connects all departments of our company to makes them more decisive.

In this way we can provide you with a good service, to provide you quickly with the right parts and to provide you with A-brands quality machines and tractors.

As you can see, a lot has changed over the past years, but only one thing keeps the same, after 60 years, Akkerman Mechanization and Massey Ferguson are still a strong team together !

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Service & Workshop

After an extensive period of construction work, we opened our new workshop in the summer of 2015. After this we started immediately with stripping the old workshop to convert it to warehouse, office, canteen, etc. Once the refurbishment was done, we moved the complete warehouse. Finally we have re-landscaped the paving around the buildings.

Due to the use of the new workshop, the refurbishment of the old workshop and the paving, we can work much more efficiently to provide the best possible service to our customers.

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