Deere expands spare parts depot in Sweden

By expanding its warehouse in Stockholm, John Deere will ensure the availability and fast delivery of spare and wear parts in Scandinavia and Estonia, and forestry machine parts around the globe.

Adding another 6,000 square meter building to the existing 15,500 square meter warehouse will ensure even more parts will be directly available in the future. Even large parts can be stored safely inside and protected from the weather.

Farmers and contractors in Scandinavia and Estonia, in particular, will benefit from the expansion. In the growing agricultural market, regional distribution partners can be supplied without any issues or delay, even during times of strong demand during the peak season.

Forestry machine customers in Australia, Brazil, the USA, South Africa, Canada, and Europe will also benefit from the new Stockholm depot. The global spare parts supply chains for the forest harvesters can be further expanded, especially in the direction of the USA. This will reduce machine downtime to a minimum. By investing in a new warehouse, John Deere is also preparing for a growing machine population and for the express storage and distribution of parts for the next generation of machines. The new building is also an investment in sustainability; the new hall will be heated by a neighboring incineration plant that runs on forestry waste.

Deere expands spare parts depot in Sweden

Vendredi 10 mars 2023

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