New Holland upgrades T9 Series

New advancements are in store for the New Holland T9 model year 2024 with PLM Intelligence (PLMi) tractors. A fresh model update, boosted power, improved efficiency and a revamped cab with modern technology and amplified comfort are all part of the package.

The new T9 with PLMi tractor models for 2024 boast a comprehensive range of upgrades. “These enhancements exemplify the New Holland commitment to pushing the boundaries of tractor innovation. With increased horsepower levels and an array of advanced features, the updated T9 lineup delivers better performance, from the cab to the field, to meet the evolving needs of our customers,” states Ken Paul, product marketing manager at New Holland. “With customer well-being in mind, we’ve modernized the overall comfort and design of the cab to reduce stress and help operators focus on the acres ahead.”

Power with new horsepower levels

The Model Year 2024 upgrades mark the arrival of new horsepower levels for the T9 series, tailored to meet the ever-evolving demands in the agricultural sector. Equipped with upgraded FPT 13L cursor engines, the T9 series delivers heightened power and superior fuel efficiency. T9 models previously represented the rate SAE engine horsepower but will now be changed to the metric horsepower to align the T9 with the rest of the New Holland high horsepower lineup.

Of the six models for 2024, the T9.470, T9.520 and T9.580’s engines have been changed to an electronic variable geometry turbo (eVGT) to boost horsepower, improving fuel economy by 2% and increasing transient response by up to 35%. The three other models, which are wide-frame models (the T9.615, T9.655 and T9.700), sport two-stage turbocharging — fixed geometry, first stage and wastegate second stage.

To accommodate diverse farming needs, Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) has been increased across all six of the new T9 models. The GVW amplifies the load-carrying capacity, empowering operators to take on a variety of tasks with ease.

Elevated comfort features for prolific performance

The New Holland commitment to operator comfort shines through in the Model Year 2024 updates. Redesigned with comfort features, including a new headliner, overhead console and RAM mount rails, the cab interior represents a haven of ergonomic excellence. These updates help operators stay productive, even during extended work hours, thanks to the new comfort features.

The updated cab styling integrates convenient overhead grab rails, blending safety seamlessly with style. The addition enhances operator stability and confidence during challenging tasks such as cleaning exterior windows. Improved door handles are also included in the model upgrades for more effortless opening and closing.

New Holland recognizes the long hours operators spend in the field, especially at night. With the addition of LED beacons, operators can have peace of mind knowing the all-new work light options will enhance visibility, ensuring seamless operations even during low-light conditions. The new LED lights promote a 20% increase in visibility, the best lighting package New Holland has to offer.

Paying close attention to their surroundings is imperative for operators when completing any task in the field. However, it can be a stressful endeavor to not have forward visibility in the cab. To further improve visibility, the new T9 tractors will now come equipped with a thinner exhaust and the removal of the J tube between the Diesel Oxidation Catalyst and the Selective Catalyst Reduction, increasing operator visibility by 10%. In addition, by eliminating the J tube and reducing exhaust size, this helps streamline emissions control by preventing urea deposits in low-load applications.

Farming technology advances in the updated series

PLM Intelligence series showcases New Holland’s commitment to providing customers with modern technology. The inclusion of the dual Intelliview 12 monitor option provides customers and operators with seamless access to critical data without having to toggle tractor and precision outputs on one screen. By doing this, customers and operators can optimize their in-field performance and ensure more precise decision-making. One screen will come standard on all T9 tractors, but customers have the option to add a second display at purchase or installed at a later date.

A premium sound option is also available on all 2024 T9 models, ensuring operators can work in a pleasant work environment with high-quality audio. The cab package will have eight channel amplifiers, two tweeters, a premium sound-specific cab post cover and attachments for device mounting. Along with access to AM and FM radio networks, the stereo system meets the needs of operators with all interests. The new TL9 will be on display during the upcoming Farm Progress Show in Decatur, IL USA.

New Holland upgrades T9 Series

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