Butterfly spreads wings further

With the EasyCut B 880 CV/CR (Collect) and B 1050 CV (Collect), Krone presents two new Butterfly combinations. They come with conditioners as a standard feature and can optionally be equipped with cross conveyor units.

Krone has pushed beyond previous limits with its new triple mower combinations of the EasyCut B 880 CV/CR (Collect) and B 1050 CV (Collect) series. Coordinated with their own line of 4-meter front mounted mowers, the top model EasyCut B 1050 CV (Collect) achieves a maximum working width of up to 10.45 m. The telescoping outrigger arms ensure optimally adapted overcut for the front mounted mower with neat mowing results. In addition to this efficiency, the standard conditioners in combination with cross conveyor units, form a perfect combination for swathing. The new EasyCut models are suitable for handling large forage masses and shortening the drying process to make use of short harvest windows.

The mower combinations are hitched to the tractor by means of an optimized three-point attachment. All mowers are equipped with the proven EasyCut cutter bar as a standard feature with all-around welding and lifetime lubrication, including SafeCut, SmartCut and integrated impact damage protection system. The light, redesigned tensioned cloths can be opened wide, which facilitates blade changing without a tool and maintenance work. The patented DuoGrip suspension and the hydropneumatic relief, which can be operated conveniently from the tractor cabin, ensure ideal ground adjustment, even under the most difficult conditions.

Neat mowing with variable overlap

The outrigger arms of the EasyCut B 880 CV/CR (Collect) can be adjusted mechanically in two positions to a working width of 8.52 m or 8.72 m. The EasyCut B 1050 CV (Collect) is even more variable: Thanks to hydraulically telescoping outrigger arms, the working width can steplessly be adjusted from 9.30 m to 10.45 m. Depending on the working width of the front mounted mower that is used, the overlap can be optimally adapted in this way to the respective field conditions. This ensures a consistently neat cut with a high output.

Conditioned for fast harvest

For most short harvest windows, the use of a conditioner has proven to be advantageous for shortening the time the crop is left in the field. Thus the EasyCut B 1050 CV (Collect) and B 880 CV (Collect) are equipped with Krone’s proven tine conditioner, with a diameter of 64 cm. Its tempered on-grip V-shaped steel tines condition the mowed material intensively, thereby facilitating selective control of the drying process. The tines have floating suspension so they are able to avoid foreign objects. The conditioning can be adapted to the respective crops by adjusting the rotational speed (600/900 rpm) and the distance from the deflector sheets to the optimally arranged.

The EasyCut B 880 CR (Collect) is also available with a roller conditioner that is especially recommended for leafy forage such as alfalfa or clover. Two profiled polyurethane rollers on the roller conditioner intermesh and crush the plant stalks without destroying the sensitive leaves. This minimizes possible rolling losses and thus serves to preserve forage quality. The same applies to the steel rollers that are alternatively available, the M-Rolls.

Mowing, conditioning and swathing

The EasyCut B 880 CV/CR Collect and B 1050 CV Collect mower combinations are equipped with hydraulic cross conveyor belts. These make it possible to set down the conditioned forage in a swath directly while mowing. This is ideal for small amounts of forage and also for harvesting whole crop silage such as green rye. The cross conveyor belts have large dimensions and bring the mowed material together to form a uniform swath. The width of the swath can be easily adjusted to the following harvest machine from the tractor cabin by means of the belt speed. Even more precise depositing is possible with the optionally available swath accelerator rollers. They are especially suitable for use on slopes.

The belts can be switched on and off individually while working. This allows for even more set-down modes in addition to swathing, such as clearing field edges or wide spreading on one side. For the latter process, the Collect models set the forage down in two passes so that a four-rotor rake can form a finished swath in one additional pass. That reduces sward damage and also saves time and fuel. For more precision in depositing, the optional swath cloth and hydraulically liftable rear lights that can be raised hydraulically are recommended.

Big-Swath system

Swath merging can alternatively be done with auger conveyors. This option is unique to Butterfly combinations. The Big-Swath system, familiar from the self-propelled mower conditioner Krone BiG M, features large-dimension augers 45 cm in diameter behind the CV conditioner and ensures gentle crop flow with no loss, even with large amounts of forage. Depending on whether the hood behind the auger is open or closed, the mowed material is set down wide, in partial width or in a swath. These functions can be conveniently operated from the tractor cabin.

Operation made easy

Various options are available for operating the mower combination. The hydraulic functions of the EasyCut B 880 CV/CR, for example raising the mower units on one or two sides or swiveling the cross conveyor belts in and out, can be preselected electrically as a standard feature with the new PreSelect and then performed by activating the tractor’s control units. Preselection can be made either with the PreSelect DS 50 operation unit or if an ISOBUS terminal is available, as PreSelect Digital, by means of a cable link to the mowing unit. PreSelect Digital offers the option of preselecting a function and carrying out activation of the control device using the ISOBUS-capable control lever of the tractor. In this way all tractor and machine functions can be operated without having to reach around.

The Comfort control unit via ISOBUS is optionally available for the EasyCut B 880 CV/CR (Collect). For the EasyCut B 1050 CV (Collect) it is a standard feature. Hydraulic functions are performed directly using the tractor’s own terminal or terminals DS 500, CCI 800 or CCI 1200 with touchscreen. For greater comfort, the terminals can be supplemented with the AUX joystick CCI A3. If desired, the Section Control can be used to raise and insert the individual mower units.

The upward pivoting mower units ensure safety in road traffic, ensuring that transport height remains below 4 m. Warning panels and LED lighting ensure good visibility. Optionally available LED working lights turn night into day for the swath. After work is complete, the mower can be safely set down if desired using the hydraulically telescoping support jacks to save space.

Butterfly spreads wings further

Mardi 5 septembre 2023

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