High capacity Amazone Pantera 7004

With the Pantera 7004, Amazone is offering a further model in the self-propelled sprayer segment. Features of this new machine are its high tank capacity and the newly developed running gear. The Pantera 7004 combines high performance with modern driving characteristics. It is designed for large-scale farming.

With a maximum spray tank capacity of 7,000 l and a nominal volume of 6,600 l, the Pantera is designed for enormous work rates. The tank is made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic and has smooth inner and outer walls with no nooks and crannies, which allows perfect cleaning. The layout of the four high-pressure cleaning nozzles, agitation and outlet sump is based on the tried-and-tested concept of the existing Pantera models and guarantees optimum cleaning with minimal residual volumes. A 500 l tank provides fresh water for cleaning. This is positioned at the rear of the machine ensuring that it has a low centre of gravity, even with an empty spray tank.

High-capacity lightweight

The machine is lightweight in its performance class with an empty weight of approximately 12 t. Large wheels with an outer diameter of up to 2.05 m can be configured for maximum soil protection and clearance. Furthermore, an optimum weight distribution and automatic traction control on each wheel guarantee the best possible traction in any situation.

The drive is tailored to the operating conditions with an engine power of 306 hp (225 kW), which is hydraulically transferred to the wheels. The Pantera can therefore work under any conditions.

Independent wheel suspension and slope compensation

The hydro-pneumatic suspension is adaptive, whereby the characteristics of the running gear are tailored to the driving situation. This intelligent control provides the best driving stability and maximum driving comfort combined with a simple and weight-reduced design in comparison with a conventional independent suspension. In addition, the system prevents any rocking when the tank is not completely full and enables high driving speeds, even on poor quality roads. Hydraulic track width adjustment, with a standard track width from 2.00 m to 2.75 m, is fitted as standard. The Pantera-W, with track widths from 2.25 m to 3.00 m, is also available. The ground clearance in both machines is approximately 1.30 m, which means that tall crops can be driven through without damage.

High capacity Amazone Pantera 7004

Mercredi 13 septembre 2023

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