Deere and DeLaval into partnership

John Deere and DeLaval have joined efforts to create the Milk Sustainability Center (MSC), a digital eco-system to help dairy farmers improve the efficiency and sustainability of their operations. The eco-system will be open for partners to join, with the objective of providing farmers with data needed for a holistic view of the dairy operations.

Dairy farmers will use the Milk Sustainability Center to monitor nutrient use efficiency (NUE) for nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), for their entire farm, specific fields, or their herd. The MSC will also provide data to allow dairy farmers to compare their performance to other dairy operations and identify key areas for improvement. MSC aims to serve dairy farmers independent of farm machinery brands and herd management software.

“Dairy farming is perhaps the most complex agriculture business today with no system integration between crop and animal performance. Dairy farmers often use five to seven different, non-connected software solutions to run their business,” said Dave Chipak, Director, Dairy & Livestock Production Systems at John Deere. “The MSC will enable dairy farmers to calculate, benchmark, simulate, and optimize NUE and CO2e for sustainable and profitable decision-making.”

Reducing manual input

After farmer authorization, data from DeLaval Plus and John Deere Operations Center will be automatically pulled into the Milk Sustainability Center. Manual data input will be reduced, ensuring high data quality, and ultimately helping an entire farm system – fields, cows, employees, advisors, machines, and other assets – work efficiently together.

MSC is cloud-based for desktop or mobile devices, built and powered by Dairy Data Warehouse BV (DDW), a Dutch based company in operation for the last 10 years offering data solutions for sustainable dairy. Dairy farmers, consultants, dealers, and other partners can also be invited to view their data in MSC.

Free of charge

“Dairy farmers are seeking ways to decrease their environmental footprint and improve sustainability,” said Lars Bergmann, Executive Vice President Digital Services at DeLaval. “The Milk Sustainability Center will help dairy farmers achieve their goals and address growing needs of dairy processors, retailers, government, and ultimately, consumers.”

The launch of the John Deere-DeLaval partnership will be a key focus in the John Deere booth at the AGRITECHNICA 2023 trade show, November 12-18, in Hanover, Germany.

The initial version of MSC will be released in Summer 2024 in North America and selected European Union countries and will be free of charge. A premium version with extended capabilities will be released at a later date.

Deere and DeLaval into partnership

Lundi 25 septembre 2023

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